A soul-shaking, infinitely charming band from the far north.

Powerful and funky, The Super Saturated Sugar Strings’s take on modern Americana is full of dense, intricate, virtuosic instrumental arrangements and shout-to-the-rafter vocals. Their lush back-beat-americana-meets-chamber-ensemble sound has stirred a large congregation of dedicated fans in Alaska, and is catching on quickly across the rest of North America. On their new album, ALL THEIR MANY MILES (released March 23, 2018) they’ve managed to translate not only the high energy stomp and swing of their live shows to the studio, but also to capture some of the magic that brings together Anchorage’s music community. There's an element of carnival sideshow in their sometimes cinematic sound, drenched in strings and horns and bombastic ideas. Nobody does anything small in Alaska, and this Alaskan band delivers a mesmerizing and powerful performance with energetic charm.

Each show is uniquely crafted, be it at an art gallery in Homer, a raucous crowd at the Bear Tooth Theatre, or a collaborative, theatrical presentation on a large stage. Their audiences are diverse, from train hoppers to moms to music hounds to college students to grandpas getting cramps from dancing too hard. The Sugar Strings' look and sound is contemporary yet nostalgic, with a hum of antiquity. There's an element of carnival sideshow meets back-alley speakeasy to this group's groove.

The group formed in 2011 in Anchorage, Alaska and includes Kat Moore on vocals, piano, keyboard, and percussion; Carlyle Watt on vocals, guitar, and percussion; Theresa Watt on cello; Miriah Phelps on violin; Logan Bean on trumpet; Kevin Worrell on bass.